Poor Circulation,
Poor circulation is a general term which includes conditions such as insufficient peripheral circulation (cold hands and feet) and саpillary fragility (a tendency to bruise easily). Treatment for the condition utilizes herbs which stimulate circulation and provide tone to the peripheral blood vessels and fine surface capillaries.
4 parts Angelica root
6 parts Dandelion root
6 parts Rosehips
1 part Ginger root
1 part Cayenne Pepper
1 part Cinnamon bark
1 part Clove buds
Infusion: 1/2-l cup 3 times per day
Poor circulation seems more common in women than men, and is especially felt during winter. The above formula can be taken as a 'winter tonic' by those who suffer from poor circulation, coldness, cramp, chilblains, etc. It can also be used to help overcome bruising problems associated with capillary fragility.

Haemorrhage and Bleeding
To arrest bleeding from cuts and wounds:
Shepherd's Purse herb
Yarrow herb
Plantain leaves
Mullein leaves
Poultice or compress of any of the above herbs, fresh or dried: apply directly to affected area

Distilled Witch Hazel (Hamamelis Water)
Apply on cotton wool to affected area

For internal bleeding:
Shepherd's Purse herb
Stinging Nettle herb
Yarrow herb
Plantain leaves
Mullein leaves
Cayenne Pepper
Infusion of any of the above alone or in combination: 1/2-I cup every 15-30 minutes until bleeding is checked

For severe bleeding or haemorrhage, internal or external, seek professional attention immediately. In emergencies the following remedy may be employed, together with standard first-aid procedures:
Shepherd's Purse herb
Decoction of fresh or dried plant: 1/2-1 cup every 15-30 minutes until bleeding is checked - with external bleeding, employ a poultice (or apply the decoction as a compress to the wound) also