Blood Pressure, High and Low
Hawthorn, Cayenne and Garlic are well known for their effectiveness in treating both high and low blood pressure. Taken regularly for extended periods, they function as heart and circulation tonics, and will tend to stabilize blood pressure closer to normal.
6 parts Hawthorn berries
1 part Cayenne Pepper
8 parts Garlic cloves
Tincture: 2-4 ml (1/2-l teaspoon) in a small glass of water 3 times per day — may be continued for an extended period with suitable breaks in treatment
Note, however, that heart and circulation disorders are matters for which professional advice should be sought.

For unbroken chilblains:
Cayenne Pepper (powdered)
Poultice, compress or ointment: apply directly to affected areas
Essential oils with warming/analgesic properties such as Peppermint, Rosemary and Thyme are also used, a few drops mixed with a small teaspoon of olive oil and gently applied to the affected areas.
For ulcerated or broken chilblains:
Mullein leaves
Oil: apply directly to affected areas

1 part Witch Hazel leaves
1 part Plantain leaves
1 part Marigold flowers
1 part St John's Wort herb
1 part Comfrey root
Ointment or oil: apply locally, renewing several times per day

Marigold flowers
Poultice, compress, ointment or oil: apply locally as required

Chilblains usually only develop where poor circulation is found.